Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"An empty belly is the best cook."

greetings, earth!


This piece was inspired by one of my favourite animated movies of all time (next to Spirited Away, Despicable Me, Wreck-it Ralph, Up, Finding Nemo... wow there's actually quite a few). But, it's not often you can find a modern post-apocalyptic movie... delightful :) ...or is Warm Bodies a close one? I haven't seen it to know.

Wall-E is a simple empty robot at first glance, but fills you with wonder and love as he collects invaluable items the human world left aside, and of course, meets Eve. He's a hidden treasure! I wrapped minced meat in an egg sheet to form Wall-E's body and some remaining bits for his arms. Tofu is a different white from the rice so I shaped them into eyes and claws using a toothpick to imitate the screws in his binocular eyes. Eve's eyes were tricky because I wanted to imitate the glow using the shading of sliced asparagus - didn't have blue food material - nts. consider using food coloured tofu next time or something...

I fell in love with making bentos because it's easy to achieve a balanced meal with its small parts, and not waste meal leftovers - in fact, the more the better variety! ;)
This idea was adapted from Anna the Red :

& I made the bento my own (since I didn't have certain materials) as lunch for him :)

Toughest part? Seaweed tire treads - she shaped those tires so well!
Best part? Eve the quail egg

Bon Appetit! 

"I'm no Disney princess, yet he gave me a fairytale."

good day ~ world! 
It took me a long time to muster up the confidence and start a blog.. even if I know only a few people will read it for the time being. I used to keep up blog writing back in the Xanga/AA days - but apparently blogger has the cool kid traffic nowadays.

Well, as they say, there are only so many tomorrows! My passion is for all things creative - and for now it's been expressing itself through food, nails, accessories, and.. food :) 

Here my story starts.

For his gradball, I chose the theme of dancing in the moonlight. A romantic panoramic scene in the stars with a couple in their own moment, wishing on a shooting star.

This base was the most opaque essie colour I've ever used. It applied very nicely, very smoothly and only required 2 coats. 

I sponged a gradient on 3 fingers of my left hand and 1 on my right to portray the night sky (Gotta put the complicated stuff on the left hand (; ...I'm obviously a righty). 

With NUBAR's nail art pens I detailed the dancing silhouettes (based off a random google image) and a tree. Finally, using the dotting tool with the finest point, I printed stars on the minuscule scene.